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Renting the perfect property should be a joy, not a headache. ZeroBonds is a bond alternative that gives landlords peace of mind and tenants the freedom to focus on what matters: feeling at home.

The revolution to simplify renting has begun

Discover how we’re completely transforming the way rental bonds work.

Move with the times

Disruption and digital transformation may sound like buzzwords, but they really mean business. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and AfterPay have turned entire industries upside down to meet changing customer expectations. And we’re next!

We believe the rental industry is outdated. The process is slow, expensive, and stressful for everyone. So we’re on a mission to reshape renting to make it a truly people-focused process that gives tenants, landlords and agents more freedom and protection.

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The stress-free way
into a new home

Are you ready to experience the freedom of choice? Our bond alternative takes the stress and expense out of moving so you can actually get excited, not anxious, about moving.

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With ZeroBonds the numbers really add up

Here are some interesting stats that speak for themselves.

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Transforming the system: how online rental bonds are being changed by ZeroBonds
Tenant4 May, 2022
Transforming the system: how online rental bonds are being changed by ZeroBonds
A bit of certainty in uncertain times

Recent global issues, from pandemics to war, have impacted Australian economies and livelihoods. Our bond reversal solution can help give your tenants access to the funds they need, when they need them. Plus, any ZeroBonds-approved tenant can reverse their bond through our system.

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