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The Ultimate Rental
Bond Solution

Renting the perfect property should be a joy, not a headache. ZeroBonds is a bond alternative that gives landlords peace of mind and tenants the freedom to focus on what matters: feeling at home.

We are simplifying renting and forever transforming how bonds work by:

  • Removing all upfront bonds for new tenants.
  • Reversing bonds for existing tenants.

If zero bond renting sounds like you, apply today.

About us

We know how stressful and expensive it can be to move home. Upfront costs like security bonds and processing fees really pile up, making the whole process financially crippling for tenants and a headache for landlords. It can make anyone want to give up and stay put.

We make it our mission to simplify renting for everyone involved. For approved tenants, we massively reduce the cost of moving into a new home. For landlords, we cut through the noise to find qualified, reliable and respectful tenants to occupy your properties.

Free yourself from unnecessary costs and join the rental revolution.

We do more

We know that rental bonds are a hefty, timely and stressful expense, especially in today's rental climate. ZeroBonds is here to change the rental industry with a more stable and trustworthy platform for renting.

ZeroBonds gives tenants, agents and landlords peace of mind. With a goal to alleviate the stress of renting while modernising the process, our platform provides game-changing features such as comprehensive background checks, swift bond reversals and an admin-free simplified process. Completely online and all in real-time, ZeroBonds makes renting easier and more accessible for everyone involved.

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Move Easier
With ZeroBonds

Ready to enjoy real freedom of choice? Our bond alternative makes moving easy and affordable. Feel excited, not stressed, about your next move with ZeroBonds.


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ZeroBonds takes the stress out of renting

We empower you to take control of financial and timely burdens associated with renting. We reduce the financial strain on tenants by removing the need for a large upfront bond payment. This means faster transitions between properties while reducing admin hassle for agents and landlords—a fresh solution for everyone.

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