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Our story

In 2019, broadcaster and media personality Kyle Sandilands developed a real estate reality TV series for Amazon Prime. During this process, Kyle recognised the considerable constraints that bonds and bank guarantees had on everyone involved in this antiquated and unfair process.

This led Kyle to identifying a gap in the market that left him asking, “Why hasn’t this been done before?”

The answer was simple. No-one had thought outside the box and dared to challenge or disrupt the billion-dollar residential and commercial bond system – until now.

ZeroBonds has kicked off a rental revolution that benefits everyone involved in the residential and commercial leasing process.

Our core values

Thinking differently is how we believe we can make the rental system better. We’re all about pursuing new ways of doing things and discovering ways to improve people’s lives.


We believe the outdated system of upfront bonds is simply unfair. Our mission is to reshape renting. By reducing the cost of moving house, we’re turning it into a more user-friendly system that puts people first, not profits.


We’re focused on being reliable, dependable, and a secure way to deal with the rental experience to keep all parties protected at all times.

Why choose ZeroBonds?
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It’s the revolutionary way to rent

Instead of paying an expensive bond upfront, tenants can use their money any way they like – from furnishing their home, to earning interest in a savings account.

bond reversal
It’s the easy way to reverse your bond

Tenants with existing bonds can apply to get them reversed, to make them more cash positive or to have their funds on hand for a rainy day.

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It gives landlords complete peace of mind

ZeroBonds provides landlords with 6 weeks’ coverage instead of the traditional 4.

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It’s the fastest way to find quality tenants

We deliver high-calibre tenants by checking their credit and rental history as well as their employment status.

Any Questions?
Let’s talk

Want to find out more about this rental revolution? Just drop us a line and we’ll call you at a time that’s convenient to you. Then get ready to take the stress and cost out of the whole rental experience


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