Frequently Asked Questions from Landlords

Here are some of the most common questions from landlords just like you.

Landlords receive 50% more coverage with a ZeroBonds agreement than a traditional bond agreement. We cover you for six weeks rent instead of the standard four.

  • 50% more coverage – we cover you for six weeks instead of the traditional four.
  • Your property will be more attractive to renters, decreasing vacancies. Tenants can move faster if the upfront barrier of a bond is removed.
  • Rapid of claims process with payment made within 48-hours.
  • Higher calibre renters who have been
    1. Credit-checked
    2. Id verified
    3. Rental history validated and verified
    4. Affordability check

For tenants who wish to reverse their bond, the process works in the same way as it would when a lease ends with a traditional bond agreement in place.

If a tenant’s situation has changed, like so many people’s have in recent years, having access to their bond will ensure the tenant has extra funds available when they may be needing it the most. Access their money, to spend on what matters to them at that time.

Not at all. Instead of tenants simply passing the checks that agents conduct, ZeroBonds goes one step further by conducting a credit check on tenants. ZeroBonds markets itself to fiscally savvy tenants who have a better use for their money.

All ZeroBonds tenants must be approved by us first, and this requires them passing a credit check. We have partnered with Equifax to run these checks covering their credit and employment history. Throughout the entire occupancy, a tenant’s credit score is on the line. Rather than the tenant just losing their deposit. Tenants value their credit score more than a bond, giving you even more peace of mind.

Not a single cent! While tenants are the ones carrying the cost of the transaction, it’s still a fraction of what they would normally spend on an upfront bond. By partnering with ZeroBonds you’ll receive higher-quality, credit-checked tenants and you’ll benefit from our marketing campaigns which will draw attention to your property, without having to pay a cent.

ZeroBonds is fully insured. If a tenant has fallen under hardship, flexible payment plans are available in order not to affect their valuable credit rating. Rest assured, landlords will still receive their payout within 48-hours. It’s just one of the benefits of having a ZeroBonds tenant in your property.

The process is the same as having a traditional bond agreement in place. The agent will conduct an outgoing inspection, then;

  1. If the tenant has no further obligations regarding the property, then the tenant can move forward.
  2. However, if the incomplete outgoing report is filed that requires your attention, the tenant is obligated to finalise any outstanding bills or repairs.

Think of it as a faster version of the traditional bond agreement claim process.

  1. If there are no issues with the property and no further obligations, the tenant can move on.
  2. As the agent, you’ll conduct your outgoing report as normal and advise of any damages or bills required by the tenant.
  3. If the tenant and agent are unable to reach an agreement and the dispute is escalated to NCAT or state governing body, ZeroBonds will pay according to the court ruling.

ZeroBonds will pay the landlord within 48-hours unless NCAT is elected. ZeroBonds will then contact the tenant for any outstanding bills, relieving the stress and hassle from the agent and landlord at all times.