Frequently Asked Questions for Landlords

Here are some of the most common questions from landlords.

With ZeroBonds, landlords get 50% more coverage with 6 weeks’ bond rather than the standard 4-week bond.

Additionally, ZeroBonds-approved tenants undergo a credit check, NTD check, affordability check (optional), and ID verification.

Plus, ZeroBonds guarantees a quick settlement within 48 hours in the unlikely event of a claim.

The ZeroBonds bond reversal option works similarly to the process at the end of a lease with a traditional bond agreement in place.

With ZeroBonds, the bond reversal process provides convenience and ease during change, ensuring a smooth transition for tenants, landlords and property managers:

  1. Request A Bond Reversal
  2. Landlord/Property Manager Approval
  3. Payment of Application Fee
  4. ZeroBonds ID & Credit Check
  5. Final Bond Reversal

You can read more about our bond reversal process here.

ZeroBonds is a more efficient version of the traditional bond agreement claim process. How? It’s simple:

  • We collaboratively assess the need for a claim with agents, landlords and tenants.
  • We reduce the unnecessary stress of admin work through our easy-to-use online claim form and system.
  • We provide landlords/agents a payout within 24-48 hours on the tenant’s behalf once there is mutual agreement on the claim.
  • We streamline the process through transparent, real-time updates via SMS, email and/or the ZeroBonds portal.
  • We swiftly process the claim if NCAT adjudication is required through our reliable platform.

Our claims process is designed to be simple and straightforward so that agents can feel supported and focus on other day-to-day runnings.

ZeroBonds offers a bond reversal option because it recognises that tenants’ circumstances can change, especially in recent years, when many people have faced unexpected financial challenges.

ZeroBonds tenants are not just tenants who can’t afford a bond. We cater to financially prudent tenants who prefer to allocate their funds differently, making it an appealing option for those who value their financial flexibility.

In fact, ZeroBonds takes an additional step by conducting a credit check on tenants, ensuring they meet specific financial criteria.

Before they are approved to rent a property through us, we carefully vet them by conducting a credit check in collaboration with government-accredited agency. This background check delves into their credit and employment history, ensuring that only qualified tenants are approved.

No, the tenant’s lease and responsibilities are unchanged. ZeroBonds complies entirely with the terms of the Lease Agreement, meaning tenants remain responsible for the property.

Absolutely! ZeroBonds ensures strict adherence to the Residential Tenancies Act per state and all relevant federal and local legislation, providing peace of mind to landlords, agents, and tenants alike.

Further, our services remain a testament to our commitment as a trustworthy service provider. Over the years, we have stood as a reliable partner for landlords and agents across NSW and are committed to helping tenants facing financial hardship.

At the end of a tenant’s lease, the process aligns with a traditional bond agreement.

As the agent, you will perform an outgoing inspection. If the tenant has no further obligations related to the property, they can move out as planned. If an incomplete outgoing report requires your attention, the tenant must address any outstanding bills or necessary repairs before moving out.