Agents4 May, 2022

Attention Real Estate Agents: Make your job smoother than ever with ZeroBonds

Attention Real Estate Agents: Make your job smoother than ever with ZeroBonds

At times, renters and rental applications can feel like a gamble. There are plenty of people out there who put forward a fantastic image, tick all the boxes, have great references, and are a perfect fit for what you’re looking for all intents and purposes. But what’s going on beneath the surface? Only the tenant truly knows.

ZeroBonds takes the gamble out of renting. As well as putting our money where our mouth is, we conduct our own rigorous screening and ID verification processes, ensuring the tenants who apply for your rental properties are who they say they are and are of the highest standard possible; reliable, secure and respectful.

As part of the screening process, we assess potential tenants’ credit and tenancy histories and current and previous employment statuses and examine the number of people per dwelling. These are essential things to know if you’re lending your home or investment property to a third party; you can say we take the ‘danger’ out of ‘stranger’.

We also understand it’s about speed in the rental game, and property owners lose money when properties sit
vacant. The longer it’s empty, the more desperate they become. ZeroBonds’ ID and screening matrix speed
up the process, leaving you with a great tenant, guaranteed, ready to move when you are.

But it’s not just our screening processes that put ZeroBonds in the “Real Estate Agents’ BFF’’ basket. Our deposit policy also tends to put rather large smiles on the faces of landlords, too.

Why? Security.

Let us explain: the current standard rental processes see a four-week deposit paid to the landlord. Instead of the usual four weeks, landlords receive six weeks of coverage instead of the standard four, meaning smiles all around for them—and you, too.

ZeroBonds truly is a ‘no worries’ solution to your rental woes as we cover all of the details for you.

How does ZeroBonds make your job easier as a real estate agent?

As a real estate agent, there are many tedious tasks to worry about, including the dreadful task of bond reversals. Say goodbye to ultra marathon-level effort and utilise your time and effort more valuably while ZeroBonds handles bond reversals for tenants with efficiency and transparency.

ZeroBonds also helps put unpaid monies and/or debts into the ‘don’t have to worry about it’ basket. We cover up
to the value of the bond plus an additional 50%, while the rest of the paid out bond money is recovered from the tenant through us by a leading debt recovery agency

Furthermore, as a ZeroBonds-approved agent, you’ll also earn a commission for every successful tenant placed through us. In addition to your regular wage, we’ll sneak a few extra dollars into your pocket every time you successfully refer us.

Say hello to a whole new way of renting, and not just on your side of the coin. ZeroBonds opens the marketplace to a whole new class of renter: the dedicated, respectful and responsible would-be tenant who couldn’t afford the upfront cost of an expensive deposit.

Whether they’re looking to move out of home or ‘stuck’ renting where they are, ZeroBonds gives people hope of finding their next (or new) rental home. And this hope will see ZeroBonds broadly embraced by dissatisfied renters and people simply looking for an opportunity to prove themselves. We tear down the expensive barriers that have prevented them from moving previously.

The astute real Estate Agent will recognise this and climb aboard, too.

How do tenants apply using ZeroBonds?

The process of applying for tenants is simple: they pay a one-off $49 fee after completing the ID verification and suitability criteria, which covers them for unlimited applications within a six-month period. They then pay a non-refundable 14.5% of their total bond amount to us, and the rest of the money is then returned to their pockets. It’s that simple.

Open your door to more opportunities, higher quality renters, happier landlords and a financially incentivised way of finding your next tenant. Visit or call 1300 425 119 for more information now and join the rental revolution.