Tenant4 May, 2022

Transforming the system: how online rental bonds are being changed by ZeroBonds

Transforming the system: how online rental bonds are being changed by ZeroBonds
Changing the game: how online rental bonds are being changed by ZeroBonds

If you’re a first-time renter, the entire rental bond process can be stressful and a huge obstacle on the path to finally moving into your new home. At ZeroBonds, we fully understand how demotivating costly rental bonds can be. As a team of current or former renters, we know what it’s like to be weighed down by hefty rental bonds when all you want to do is move in. Our Director came up with a plan to change how online rental bonds affect prospective renters.
Let’s take a look at what he did!

For tenants: the goal of Zero Bonds

ZeroBonds is a bond alternative that allows us to cover your security bond so that you can spend your hard-earned on what’s more important and necessary for you. We don’t want the lives of future tenants to be stressful, we want them to feel excited about moving into a new space.

What does this mean for you? You don’t have to fork over a hefty amount of your savings just to secure a new place. We take care of that for you – all you have to do is apply online and pay a one-off price.

How is this possible? We know, it sounds almost too good to be true. However, ZeroBonds is real and becoming very popular. Don’t think we’re not covering our backs – you have to pass a credit check with an approved ZeroBonds credit score to use our service. This is our way of ensuring that you’re financially secure and won’t renege on your payments.

Why does Zero Bonds offer this service?

We don’t think that it should be this difficult or financially stressful to rent an apartment. We want to help people enjoy their rental search and not feel burdened by the fact that they have to put their savings toward a rental bond instead of furnishing their new living space. Your money should be used to make your new home more comfortable!

How will ZeroBonds change the online rental bond landscape?

As you’ve realised by now, our company is taking a revolutionary approach to rental bonds in Australia. It’s all about expanding the rental market and giving people more freedom to enjoy their new home. Here’s how we’re changing the process:

Give people the freedom to access their cash in an emergency – reverse bonds

At ZeroBonds, we also offer bond reversal solutions that allow us to give you access to your bond money when you need it most. Like our other services, you must be approved to access this, however, it gives you a way out during a tough time. When life hits you, and there’s an emergency, you should be able to utilise your bond! We’re here to make crucial times easier.

Ensure the rental process is exciting and positive

We’re big believers that renting a home, especially for the first time, should be fun, exciting and stress-free! The only thing you should worry about is finding the perfect space for yourself – not concerned about whether or not you can pay the rental bond.

By offering a one-off payment and coverage of your rental bond, we’re able to give you peace of mind and the freedom to choose and furnish your new home! Exciting times are ahead – let us help you make it great!

Afford more people the opportunity to rent, sooner

One of the main reasons people aren’t able to rent a home is that they can’t save up for the rental bond, even if they can afford the weekly rental payments. We believe that’s unfair and that if you’re working, with a good credit rating and the means to afford to rent an apartment, then you should be able to do so!

Our one-off payment is much more digestible than the massive rental bonds that people expect, so we make it easier for more people to get a space that they love and enjoy.

Allow people the chance to use their savings towards more important things

The rental bond is not the only expense you incur when renting a home, Often, you need to spend money on furniture, appliances, and other furnishings. These costs can quickly add up. However, the difference between your bond and your furniture/appliance costs is that you’ll be using your apartment – not the bond! You should have access to your money during this exciting time. We make it possible by covering your rental bond!

At ZeroBonds, we want nothing more than for you to have an enjoyable and positive renting experience. One of the ways we do this is by covering your rent and making it easier for you to afford an apartment. If you think we’re the right option for you, then get in touch.