A New Tenant Experience

ZeroBonds is here to change the way you rent. We provide a bond alternative that’s safe, secure, and simple so that you can save time and money for the things that truly matter.

rental bonds online for tenants
What ZeroBonds can do for you as a tenant

We aim to streamline renting by eliminating as many obstacles as possible. If your credit score falls short of perfection, rest assured it won’t result in an automatic rejection. Should your situation change, our dedicated team is readily available for assistance and support.

With ZeroBonds, you won’t have to pay any upfront deposits to secure your rental property. ZeroBonds takes care of most of your rental bond so you can decide where to use your funds—whether for a new sofa or whatever brings a smile to your face!

Your ZeroBonds registration is valid for 3 months, meaning you can explore rentals, apply to multiple listings, and spend proper time finding your perfect home without the repeated admin. We know details may change, so revalidation after this period is required, but worry not—ZeroBonds can help.

Experience unmatched convenience with our user-friendly dashboard, revolutionising how you interact, navigate and complete the rental process. Everything is at your fingertips, from applying to listings to paying your bond to reversing your bond.

Mistakes can happen—minor spelling errors or incorrect data entry. If your ID verification faces challenges, you’ll be notified via email and given two more attempts. Remember, you can ask for our support to guide you towards a successful outcome.

ZeroBonds consolidates all of your information, including your National Tenancy Database (NTD) Report and Affordability Report (optional), saving everything all in one place for smooth applications, for now and for the future.

Registering with zerobonds is easy

Whether you’re a new or existing tenant, we’re here to make the rental experience easy. Here’s what you need to do to register:

Get started by completing the ZeroBonds account registration process through our online form. Once successfully registered, you can access your account for 3-months, at your convenience, from any location and whenever you want.

We’ve made it convenient for you. You can select your passport or driver’s licence as your identification measure.

Ready to embark on a hassle-free rental journey with ZeroBonds?

The ZeroBonds process

Simply fill out our online application form and upload the required documents.

After you’ve submitted your information, you will be notified of the outcome via email. It’s important to note that a government-accredited third party undertakes the evaluation process, ensuring a fair and unbiased assessment.
ZeroBonds offers a 3-month account. During these 3 months, you can apply for as many listings as you like.

Once your registration period has ended, ZeroBonds will automatically remind you to update your application for continued access.

When you, as a tenant, finish filling out your online application on ZeroBonds, we’ll promptly forward your details to your property manager. This email not only notifies them about your application but also requests pre-approval from the property manager.

Please note that this initial pre-approval by your landlord or agent is designed to smoothen your rental process. It signifies a positive step toward securing your future home.

After your property manager’s initial pre-approval—done by either logging in to our system or registering as an approved property manager—you will be notified, enabling you to continue your application journey.
Once pre-approval has been granted, a small one-off application fee of $49 is required to continue your application.

When applying for a rental property, your landlord must approve your application.

Once you’ve successfully passed relevant ID verification and credit check criteria, your landlord will inform us that your application is approved.

Following this final approval, a one-time fee of 14.5% of the total bond amount is required to finalise the bond process. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid within 2 weeks.

All payments are made via our safe, secure ZeroBonds platform for you and your landlord’s convenience.

Once payment is made to ZeroBonds, you and your landlord will receive a receipt of payment via email for a smooth, quick process.

Once transactions are finalised, our team will issue a certificate to you and your landlord, confirming establishment of a ZeroBonds agreement.

  • Property manager pre-approves your application ✔
  • Application fee of $49 paid ✔
  • Identification and credit score validated ✔
  • Property Manager provides final approval ✔
  • Payment of 14.5% paid ✔
  • Certificate issued ✔
  • Move into your home ✔
  • Saved money! ✔

Congratulations! It’s time to move into your new home.

rental bonds online for tenants
You ask, we answer.
Get the answers you’re looking for with ZeroBonds. We address some of the most common questions tenants have about our revolutionary rental solution.

For a small, one-off cost, you can move with extra money in your pocket by removing the immediate financial burden of paying a complete bond. ZeroBonds is online and simple, so moving into your new property can be done quickly without the stress of unnecessary and timely processes. Cost-effective and convenient—a win-win for everyone.

If you’d like to reverse your bond, the process works like it would when a lease ends with a traditional bond agreement in place. Except with ZeroBonds, it is simple and hassle-free.

  1. Request a bond reversal and have your landlord/property manager approve it.
  2. Pay a one-off application fee of $23.99 to ZeroBonds.
  3. ZeroBonds performs ID and credit checks and balances to give you our approval so your real estate agent can apply for your bond refund.
  4. Your bond is finally reversed with a small 14.5% of the bond amount charged.

We know time is of the essence, so we review and respond to all applications as quickly as possible. Once the agent/landlord has approved your application, you can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours, although in most cases, applications are reviewed within just one hour.

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