Frequently Asked Questions from Tenants

Because we’ve been there and we get how expensive things get when you move. For a small cost, you can move with extra money in your pocket. We reckon that’s a good thing.

If you’d like to reverse your bond, the process works in the same way as it would when a lease ends with a traditional bond agreement in place. The simple steps are:

  1. You pay a one-off application fee of $49 to ZeroBonds.
  2. ZeroBonds performs our checks and balances to give you our seal of approval. Welcome to the ZeroBonds family.

If the property is listed by a ZeroBonds partner, you’ll hear back from us within 24-hours. Having said that, most applications will be reviewed within an hour.

We reserve the right to approve or decline tenants, but as a general rule, we approve most applicants with a score of 400 or above.

Regarding bond reversals, we will reverse the money, less an administrative application component of $29.00, to your method of payment when applied for within a 6 month period. Once approved, it will be refunded within 7 to 10 business days.

Regarding Bond applications, if either the Agent declines or you do not pass the application process, there is no refund as your application has associated administrative costs.

‘No’. We’ve ensured ZeroBonds complies with the terms under your lease. Tenants are responsible for the property and we don’t override the terms of tenants’ Lease Agreement.

The process is the same as having a traditional bond agreement in place. The agent will conduct an outgoing inspection, then;

  1. If there are no issues with the property and you are ready to move forward or;
  2. If your agent files an incomplete outgoing report that requires your attention, you are obligated to finalise any outstanding bills or repairs.

It’s the same process as having a traditional bond agreement in place, meaning this part is managed by your agent.

Whoever’s name is on the lease should be the ones applying to ZeroBonds. This includes if there are multiple tenants listed on the lease. It’s a requirement that each tenant is approved by ZeroBonds. Even if one of the applicants do not pass the credit check, ZeroBonds will still consider the overall application based on the credit score of the other tenants.

Your bond stays in place until you end your lease, regardless of how long you extend by.

Given a tenants circumstances can change, we require tenants to apply again if they move. We also need to ensure your new agent and landlord are happy to partner with us.

Not a problem, there are a few options available. When you apply, a notification is sent to your managing agent, alerting them that a tenant is applying to use ZeroBonds on the given property. We then make contact with the agent to explain who we are and the benefits of using ZeroBonds. If they or the landlord would prefer to keep a traditional bond in place, we can send suggestions of other Agencies that have partnered with us.