Landlords10 October, 2022

Rental Bonds Online for Landlords: The Fast, Reliable Way

Rental Bonds Online for Landlords: The Fast, Reliable Way

Renting out your property can be a complicated process. Although rental properties have been in demand in areas all over New South Wales (NSW), many individuals can be easily put off by the fact that they have to pay a bond amount before occupying the residency. As a landlord, we understand that this can be discouraging as you would rather have someone living on your property as opposed to it being unoccupied and left unused.

ZeroBonds have taken this into consideration and have therefore introduced a solution to the rental bond process, offering a more inclusive and hassle-free alternative benefiting both you – the landlord and your future tenants.

How ZeroBonds can help your rental property

With ZeroBonds, we offer rental bonds online for landlords which is a bond alternative allowing us to cover the security bonds of your property on behalf of future tenants looking to occupy the rental. Why do we offer this? Because we understand that today’s property market has increased, making it not only stressful for the tenant looking for a property to rent, but also for the landlord who struggles to find a suitable tenant for their properties.

By offering ZeroBonds to your tenants, we can guarantee a better rental experience for you as a landlord as well as the tenant. Your property can appear more attractive to the right tenant by taking out the most stressful part of obtaining a rental property – the bond process. With a ZeroBonds alternative in place for your tenants, you’re able to entice higher-quality, reliable and pre-approved tenants, meaning you’ll have lower-risk tenancies and less vacancies at no extra cost.

Benefits of ZeroBonds for landlords

Our rental bond alternative provides a range of benefits for all landlords, some of which include the following:

Attract more tenants in a competitive market: tenants are more likely to rent a property in which the starting process is quick, easy and cost-effective. Not having to pay the rental bond upfront at the beginning of a tenancy is a big green flag for tenants, making the process convenient and more inviting.

Delivering high-quality tenants by screening: when using a ZeroBonds alternative for your rental property, we ensure that the tenants who will be occupying your property are reliable and suitable. We do this through our pre-approved system which allows us to check the following:

  • Credit history
  • Tenancy history
  • Tenant affordability report
  • Current and past employment status
  • Number of people per dwelling

Through this ‘pre-approved system’, we can guarantee that rental experience as a landlord is efficient.

Six weeks of coverage instead of four: with a ZeroBonds agreement in place, landlords receive 50% more coverage than that of a traditional bond agreement; the agreement covers a bond amount of a six-week period as opposed to the standard four-week amount, making it an overall beneficial and more protected process for your peace of mind.

For tenants who wish to reverse their bond, the process works in the same way as it would when a lease ends with a traditional bond agreement in place – making the process all the more convenient and accessible.

At ZeroBonds, we want all tenants to have a stress-free and convenient process when it comes to renting out their properties. Alleviating the stress of having to pay a rental bond upfront also creates a positive relationship between you – the landlord, and the tenant who will be occupying your property. Our offering of rental bond assistance can be very beneficial for your property,

If you think this is something worth considering for your rental property, visit our website for more information and to get in touch with us today.