ZeroBonds for Agents

Our platform simplifies tenant screening, ensures a comprehensive bond payment process and offers a hassle-free bond reversal process. This means less admin work and enhanced protection for agents. With ZeroBonds, you can focus on what you do best—finding the perfect match between tenants and properties—while enjoying a modern, efficient and secure rental experience.

rental bonds online for tenants
What ZeroBonds can do for you as an agent

Join the ZeroBonds revolution and experience effortless, efficient and empowering rentals as an approved agent.

Competitive Edge

Stand out in a competitive market and attract tenants with the unique proposition of no upfront bond.

Save Time, Effort and Expenses

Benefit from streamlined operations with ZeroBonds’ thorough tenant screening using government-accredited third-party and quick turnaround times.

Quality Assurance

After your pre-approval, we take care of tenant screening on your behalf, including:

  • Credit history
  • Tenancy history
  • NTD reports
  • Affordability reports (optional)
  • Verification of identity
  • Occupancy details
Enhanced Protection

Offer property owners increased security with a 6-week bond coverage, providing 50% more protection than the standard 4 weeks.

Cost Savings

Reduce administrative burdens and save on expenses related to tenant screening, background checks and paperwork.

Trustworthy Partnerships

Build trust with property owners by showcasing your commitment to tenant quality and hassle-free rental experiences.

Increased Business

Attract more landlords and property managers seeking professional agents who leverage innovative solutions to ensure smooth, secure rentals.

Tech-Driven Advantage

Embrace cutting-edge technology that simplifies tasks, minimises errors, and maximises your overall efficiency.

Reputation Boost

Position yourself as an agent who prioritises efficiency, convenience and quality, enhancing your reputation in the industry.

Streamlined Process

ZeroBonds smooths out the rental process for tenants, agents and landlords, creating a better experience for all parties involved.

Agent registration with ZeroBonds

Joining ZeroBonds as an agent is simple. Our user-friendly online registration form gathers essential information efficiently, making the process quick and straightforward.

Here’s how to register:

Complete Online Registration Form

Register for your ZeroBonds account by filling out our online registration form. Once registered, you can log in to your account anywhere, anytime.

Ready to unlock the benefits of using the ZeroBonds platform?
The ZeroBonds process

Unlock your personalised agent dashboard, offering comprehensive access to applicants interested in properties from your vacant rental list.

1. Register online

With our ultra-convenient platform, our registration process is entirely online, ensuring an instant turnaround time when you complete the form.

Agents can sign up in two convenient ways.

  1. Independently apply and register online.
  2. If a tenant has included your details in an application, agents will be contacted by ZeroBonds and prompted to register online.

Either way, ZeroBonds offers an easy, accessible and streamlined process for agents to become part of our platform.

2. Provide pre-approval

Once a tenant has applied for a property, pre-approval is required.

When a tenant applies for a property, ZeroBonds instantly notifies you via email, helping you efficiently manage tenant applications and ensure only pre-approved applicants move forward in the renting process.

3. Access already-vetted details

Once you have provided pre-approval, you then have access to the tenant’s vetted details of the tenant, including:

  • National Tenancy Database (NTD) reports
  • Affordability reports (upon tenant discretion)
  • Credit checks
  • ID verification
4. Clearly communicate with tenants

Throughout the tenancy, ZeroBonds provides support, assistance and a streamlined communication channel between agents, landlords and tenants.

5. Bond reversal

If circumstances change and a tenant needs to reverse their bond, ZeroBonds assists in the bond reversal process efficiently, offering a seamless transition.

You ask, we answer.

Get the answers you’re looking for with ZeroBonds. We address some of the most common questions agents have about our revolutionary platform.

You won’t have to pay anything as an agent!

The tenants bear the cost of the transaction, and it’s only a fraction of what they would typically spend on a traditional upfront bond.

Additionally, we take care of all expenses related to training, support, marketing collateral, and our extensive marketing campaigns that will generate extra visibility for your listings.

We’re dedicated to helping you present a highly professional image to landlords and tenants. To achieve this, we provide personalised 1:1 training sessions for you and also offer group training sessions for your office, as we anticipate that your colleagues will also find our services invaluable.

You’ll also receive comprehensive marketing materials designed for tenants and landlords. These materials introduce our services and outline the advantages of partnering with ZeroBonds.

Absolutely! ZeroBonds ensures strict adherence to the Residential Tenancies Act per state and all relevant federal and local legislation, providing peace of mind to landlords, agents, and tenants alike.

Further, our services remain a testament to our commitment as a trustworthy service provider. Over the years, we have stood as a reliable partner for landlords and agents across NSW and are committed to helping tenants facing financial hardship.

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