Quicker claims for a better experience

Sometimes tenants encounter bumps along the way. In some instances where tenants face challenges, ZeroBonds provides swift solutions for landlords and agents through our unique end-to-end platform.

Our online system, which is safe, secure and user-friendly, comes with the added benefit of rapidly resolved claims, often refunding within 24-48 hours.

make a claim

The Claims Process

In the event of property damage, tenants are financially responsible.

When you notice any issues affecting the property’s condition, it’s crucial to acknowledge that a claim might be necessary. This step marks the initial stage of addressing and resolving potential concerns through the ZeroBonds platform.

When you’re ready to make a claim, simply fill out our online claim form.

Our easy-to-use platform is time-efficient with a few simple steps, so you can address any concerns quickly and clearly.

The tenant and landlord must agree on the claim.

Once a mutual agreement is reached, ZeroBonds recovers costs directly from the tenant on your behalf as agent or landlord.

We ensure the retrieval of the owed funds within 48 hours, safeguarding your financial interests.

All parties will be informed and updated throughout the process via email, SMS and the ZeroBonds portal. This approach keeps everyone informed and reinforces the peace of mind that comes with our streamlined claim process.

With ZeroBonds, you will receive real-time updates and clear communication, meaning hassle-free resolutions.

What if a Tenant Disputes the Claim?

When a claim dispute requires NCAT adjudication, you can trust us to swiftly process payments as directed by NCAT. Our strategic partnership with Equifax offers an extra layer of protection and assurance. With ZeroBonds, you're not just dealing with 'making a claim,' you're experiencing a seamless, stress-free process that prioritises you and your tenant's peace of mind.
Where disagreements occur between landlords/agents and tenants regarding a claim, both parties can seek resolution through NCAT. With ZeroBonds, our reliable and transparent platform can drastically speed up your claim.
ZeroBonds handles the financial aspect directly with the tenant. Our partnership with prominent debt recovery agencies underscores our commitment to securing the total amount of any owed funds.
At ZeroBonds, we believe in collective decision-making. Landlords, agents and tenants collaboratively assess whether a claim is necessary and present it for consideration.
Upon reaching an agreement, ZeroBonds promises efficiency. Typically, landlords/agents receive a payout within 24-48 hours on the tenant's behalf, ensuring a rapid resolution.