A Simple Rental Process For Landlords

Renting your property is just about to get easy, thanks to ZeroBonds. Our end-to-end platform automates and integrates features that streamline the process for you. From tenant applications to rigorous tenant screening and payment, our platform lifts the administrative weight off your shoulders. Entirely online, our process eliminates paperwork and allows you to manage your properties, anytime, anywhere.

rental bonds online for landlords
What zerobonds can do for you as a landlord

ZeroBonds platform is designed to revolutionise your rental management experience.

Simple, Easy and Hassle-Free

ZeroBonds streamlines the entire rental process, saving you time and reducing admin.

Smoother Process:

As a landlord, YOU have the power. After you’ve given us the go-ahead with pre-approval, we continue the process, request payment, perform ID checks and provide affordability assessments on the tenant’s behalf, minimising the risk of problematic tenancies.

Enhanced Bond Coverage

Enjoy more extensive bond coverage than traditional methods, providing greater protection for your property.

Automated Screening

ZeroBonds provides thorough tenant screening, including credit checks and ID verification, through a government-accredited third party, ensuring high-quality tenants.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate the intuitive platform easily, ensuring a smooth experience for you and your tenants.

Increased Efficiency

Automate tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic property management.

Lower Costs

Eliminate the need for upfront bond payments, making your property more appealing to potential tenants.

Reduced Vacancies

With a smoother process and higher-quality tenants, experience fewer vacancies and a steadier income stream.

Landlord registration with zerobonds

Regardless of your experience as a landlord, we’re dedicated to simplifying the rental process. Here’s how you can register:

Register Online

Register for your ZeroBonds account by filling out our user-friendly online registration form. Once registered, you can log in to your account and begin right away.

Ready to embark on a hassle-free rental management journey with ZeroBonds?
Stress-free rental experiences with zerobonds

ZeroBonds offers landlords enhanced convenience and security. Our platform streamlines the rental process by providing thorough tenant screenings, swift bond payments and a hassle-free bond reversal system.

1. Register as a landlord

Begin by signing up as a landlord on the ZeroBonds platform. It’s a simple process that requires basic information with an instant turnaround time.

2. Provide pre-approval for tenants

When a potential tenant applies for a property, your pre-approval is a crucial step in the process.

ZeroBonds sends you an email notification upon a tenant’s application submission, allowing you to oversee tenant applications effectively. This proactive approach ensures that only pre-approved candidates progress in the rental journey, saving time and reducing administrative tasks.

3. Access already-vetted tenants

Once you have provided pre-approval, ZeroBonds screens applicants through government-accredited third parties, giving you access to the tenant’s vetted details, including:

  • Information from the tenancy database
  • Affordability reports (upon tenant discretion)
  • Credit checks
  • ID verification
4. Get started, without the fuss

Embark on a seamless journey towards efficient rental property management with ZeroBonds.

5. Bond reversal

If circumstances change and a tenant needs to reverse their bond, ZeroBonds assists in the bond reversal process efficiently, offering a seamless transition.

You ask, we answer.

Get the answers you’re looking for with ZeroBonds. We address some of the most common questions landlords have about our revolutionary rental solution.

With ZeroBonds, landlords get 50% more coverage with 6 weeks’ bond rather than the standard 4-week bond.

Additionally, ZeroBonds-approved tenants undergo a credit check, NTD check, affordability check (optional), and ID verification.

Plus, ZeroBonds guarantees a quick settlement within 48 hours in the unlikely event of a claim.

The ZeroBonds bond reversal option works similarly to the process at the end of a lease with a traditional bond agreement in place.

With ZeroBonds, the bond reversal process provides convenience and ease during change, ensuring a smooth transition for tenants, landlords and property managers:

  1. Request A Bond Reversal
  2. Landlord/Property Manager Approval
  3. Payment of Application Fee
  4. ZeroBonds ID & Credit Check
  5. Final Bond Reversal

You can read more about our bond reversal process here.

ZeroBonds is a more efficient version of the traditional bond agreement claim process. How? It’s simple:

  • We collaboratively assess the need for a claim with agents, landlords and tenants.
  • We reduce the unnecessary stress of admin work through our easy-to-use online claim form and system.
  • We provide landlords/agents a payout within 24-48 hours on the tenant’s behalf once there is mutual agreement on the claim.
  • We streamline the process through transparent, real-time updates via SMS, email and/or the ZeroBonds portal.
  • We swiftly process the claim if NCAT adjudication is required through our reliable platform.

Our claims process is designed to be simple and straightforward so that agents can feel supported and focus on other day-to-day runnings.

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